Refurbished railcars have been transiting the Port of Savannah as Ro/Ro cargo enroute to the Port of Fremantle in western Australia. Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company’s (CFCL) subsidiary CFCL Australia Pty. Ltd. (CFCLA) refurbishes railcars into railway wagons in the U.S. and then leases them in Australia. CFCL currently has a fleet of approximately 7,500 covered hopper railcars.

Partially refurbished wagons are shipped via Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines (WWL) to be completed in Australia, which provides CFCL with less entry cost, as well as substantial work for CFCLA’s Australian partners, according to CFCL’s Project Manager for Locomotives and Rollingstock Michael J. McGee. CFCL also buys locomotives to dismantle for parts in the U.S. and ships the parts to refurbish wagons and locomotives on-site in Australia.

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