The Indiana Rail Road Company-Automated “Air Powered” Ballast Cars


The Indiana Railroad Company (“INRD”) wanted to reinstate a group of nine(9), 1973 built AC Ballast Cars back into the UMLER file and enhance their forty(40) year AAR life span by ten(10) years with the upgrade requirements set forth under “AAR Extended Service Status.” The full refurbishment included equipping the Cars with Miner twin cylinder “air powered” “AggreGates” for use in active interchange service to source granite ballast from Wisconsin quarries.

INRD is upgrading significant main line segments and marshalling yards. Upgrading existing “manual” ballast cars into safe / reliable “control flow” Ballast cars for ongoing INRD MOW programs is a critical component for these capital intensive programs.

INRD MOW personnel are committed to staying ahead of their track structure requirements and having the right tools as part of their long term planning process.

The Indiana Rail Road Company – Automated “air powered” Ballast Cars

Refurbishment “Hulk” Candidates

2300 cubic capacity, 100 ton, manual Ballast Cars, 263,000 gross ton on the rail and end platforms. AAR Life span certified by the AAR for fifty(50) years.

RIS Innovative Solution

RIS incorporated highly engineered “gathering plates” to create a two(2) compartment car whilst maintaining existing center sill hood covers and internal supports.

Final Rail Car

Fully refurbished and newly painted – INRD Ballast Cars equipped with twin cylinder “air powered” Miner Aggregates.